Hi, my name is Xiang,

and I am a Software Development Engineer.

My main work is to develop management information systems, analyse application issues and provide software solutions for the enterprises.

I also develop web application and android application for any use.

I have worked in software domain for more than seven years, if you are interested in, please go to the bottom of this page to contact me.

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I'm kind of high-mover, have lived in six cities (two countries) in my life.

since 2012

In 2012 I moved to Italy. This was a big change in my life. Firstly I learnt Italian language at Perugia that is a lovely town in the mountain. Then I entered in Polytechnic of Turin and obtained master degree in Computer Engineering. Before I graduated, I found a job in Milan which brought me to this "capital of fashion". Luckily my life is going well here.

before 2012

I'm Chinese borning in a little city besides Yangtze River. I went to the university in Shanghai and then worked there after graduation. I have been in Shanghai for ten years. I used to have a complicated sentiment to Shanghai - I didn't know if I really liked it, but now I miss it very much. People cannot imagine which kind of city could change a person, the answer is Shanghai.



travelling is the most direct way to know this world where we live.


reading inspires me a lot, it's like a "travelling of soul", I read something every day, such as news, articles and novels.


I have passion in programming, I used many programming languages, among them my favorite is Java.

foreign languages

my monther tongue is Chinese obviously. for me learning foreign languages is not only a hobby but also a tool to open a new world. I always believe that if you want to understand how people think, you need to learn the language they speak.


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